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Yes, you have to be of a certain age to really grasp the not unexpected sub-heading ‘ Five decades of Sex. Drugs. Hits & Bust-Ups.” It appeared in  the NME issue of July 21 and one  that saw the Stones take  the front cover and a goodly number of pages inside. 
Crisis = this on-line magazine = is not as such a music paper but from our point of view they cannot be ignored, even musically. Around 20 or so tracks from the Stones have Gospel music  roots, not least the great hit The Last Time that was culled from the riff and song library of Pop Staples, of the terrific Staple Singers and whose gospel music should be known by everyone, ot least historians of the black civil rights struggle in the US during the early part of the 1960s decade. Early on they had recorded I Just Wanna See His Face, a classic, and if you did not know it was the Stones, and you are religious, then you might shout some kind of ‘Hallelujah!”. But then, why not, anyway.? The Stones do not appear to have been influenced by Christian thought, although in the plaintive song The Girl with Far Away Eyes they took pot at those US radio evangelists whose methods may be extremely dubious. Some Christians, now in their fifties and much beyond, may not recall the group with affection. They see the Stones as a divisive outfit and one leading young people into dangerous life areas.
Amazingly the group continues to function, and even it seems to attract many young people, including one met by this writer who has had Exile on Main Street album cover tattooed across her midriff. 


The magazine Word bites the dust, alas. The final edition bears the month of August. It competed with such journals as Uncut, Mojo and  quite a few others who specialise in a  particular music pasture. Quite why it should be the one that goes is a mystery. It was always a very music magazine and each issue came with a great music CD. and talking abut freebies,  Q has a free CD with its August issue, Back to Black, a unique tribute to the classic Amy Winehouse album with exclusive recordings from a variety of artists. Amazingly, it is a year since the talented one left us.
Many were saddened b the death of NORA EPHRON. She is seen as one of the best film scriptwriters of recent time. In her list of fine moments there is When Harry MET sally, Silkwood, Heartburn, Julie & JULIE AND sleepless In Seattle.The Guardian’s Hadley freeman said she was “The woman every woman wished was her best friend.”


Without reading an enormous pain of my mind, my soul if you like, would be missing. No one should be without the chance to let their soul grow.
Philip Pullman.


  1. Jus Kids – Patti Smith (Bloomsbury)
  2. The great Partnership – Jonathan Sacks (Hodder)
  3. Subversive Obedience – Walter Brueggmann (SCM)
  4. Retromania- Simon Reynolds (Faber)
  5. Electric Eden – Rob Young (Faber)
  6. The New Penguin Book of English Folk Songs – Steve Roud and Julia Bishop (Penguin)
  7. Rolling Stones 50 –  Members (Thames and Hudson)