Jasperian Theatre Company London

A member of ITC.

JTC was formed by its Creative Director Tony Jasper in 1992, as an extension of his work as an actor and  playwright.

Production Directors have included Clare Davidson, Mark Woolgar, Ken Pickering, Peter Moreton, Margaret Robertson, Bill Homewood, Gill Ashton, Linda Slade, Estelle Kohler.
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Tony Jasper - Author, Broadcaster, Actor and Playright

Tony Jasper is an author, broadcster, actor playwright, journalist, with several degrees in Theology and a diploma in Education. He has had over 70 books published, and at one time wrote weekly for major newspapers and magazines in Britain.

He has had countless programme credits on radio, from BBC radio to BFBS and commercial stations. He has also been part of many television programmes. He is a methodist local preacher.
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CRISIS Magazine latest issue

“So have you seen the amazing film on Aretha Franklin – Amazing Grace?  If yes, next to that on the continuing ‘must do’ list is purchasing the newly assembled record set Amazing Grace – The Complete Recordings (Atlantic). The original’ 1972 release had 13 power-housed gospel shouts. Now extended, there are 27 tracks, speeches and sermons, all laid down over two nights at the New Temple Missionary Baptist Church, Los Angeles. This is ageless gospel, sanctified music, with a vocal supremo, a spirit-filled choir that roars behind the woman who at this time could almost literally shift a mountain. Feeling low in the faith? just hear this. You will be off your seat – play it loud of course...” [More]